Child Soldiers and Surviving

Justin Arzola

Thematic statement

In war you have to do anything to survive.
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In this picture these kids were taken away from there family to fight in a war they didn't even create. drugged up and still wanting more. The rebels would take these kids then sometimes just kill them for no reason. Given guns to kill innocent people.
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Invisible children

For nearly 30 years, a warlord named Joseph Kony has terrorized East and central Africa. He has kidnapped over 30,000 children to strengthen his army, forcing the boys to become soldiers and the girls to become sex slaves. Kony instructs the members of his LRA to abduct, threaten, destroy, and murder in the name of his spiritual powers.

In central Africa, there are currently hundreds of thousands of people displaced because of LRA violence, and many of those who remain in their communities live in fear of the rebel group. Thousands of families have children missing from the decades of armed conflict, unsure if their loved ones are dead or alive.
Pg 60 - " it was over 120 degrees, and we were barefoot " .
pg 80 - " during the day we would search for food and take turns sleeping."


In my article and in ' A long way gone ' they both are talking about war and children being recruited into the war at a young age. In ' A long way gone ' for an example. it says,' mothers lost there children ' and ' the rebels took the villages young boys.' The rebels went to different villages and burnt all the houses and took all the food. The soldiers would drug the younger boys and it would want them to take it more and stay in the war with them. In the article,' almost half of the child soldiers come from South Africa.' this shows a lot of the soldiers were also younger kids. Plus there is a higher percentage chance for a kid in South Africa to get turned into a child soldier then a senior to go to collage.
In this picture is what i call disaster. Everything there is all gone. Its like a big river but the water is all trash. All the houses are made out of trash and super dirty. But this is the only thing family's have in Sierra Leone. The kids don't have any food and barely any water. These kids need help ASAP!!
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Little streams that kids play in. The stream that mothers wash and get water from for there family's to drink. This water is super dirty. It has all kind of trash in it. Pretty sure the water is polluted with all kids of diseases.
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