iFitness HD

by Riley West

What is iFitness?

iFitness is an app that allows people who can't afford personal trainers to be able to learn different exercises and workout routines. The app provides images of people performing over 330 exercises.


Sorts by body region

Muscle of target

Pictures of the exercises and full descriptions of those exercises.

Videos of more difficult to understand exercises

Use "My Workouts" to build your own workout program

You can add in your own exercises

Log your exercises and your days of working out

Workouts and progress can be sent to email

Experts included 20 routines that target everything from weight loss to strength building

Equipment free routines for those who don't have the equipment

Conditioning routines for different sports

Add custom photos of your own for each workout

Stop-watch and timer

Graph your workouts

Use for Physical Education

This app can be used to help teach different weight lifting courses

Also can help for strength and conditioning programs if you're going into coaching

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