Responces from audience



We asked the audience which name they preferred out of the two- Delusion or The Accident. After calculating our final results we found that Delusion was the most popular as “it doesn’t give too much away and also doesn’t suggest it is about drink driving”. However, someone suggested for us to have the name “Bad influence” we liked the idea of this and messed around with the name to get “Under the Influence”. We liked this name as it goes with the idea of Alison being under the influence of alcohol as she's drunk and also Olivia is under the influence that her friends are still alive when they are not.


People have said to us that our story line is very cliché. Also others have said to try make sure the accident scene is clear so people will see who is to blame.

Suggested comparisons to other films: Donnie Darko.


14 people have said they liked our plot because they liked the fact the plot was interesting and the ending is open to interpretation. However 2 people put no, they explained that they didn't like the plot as it is too cliché. This is contradicted by other peoples responses as they say how our plot is original.


Overall, the majority of the people enjoyed the twist. They included that they liked the fact it was right near the end, so it will be surprising for the viewers. However, some were unsure about it as the twist could be seen as cliché. To some extent I can see where they are coming from in saying this but I don't believe there is many films out there including this twist, however the ones that are, have successfully done well and were enjoyed by many and so that is why I have decided to use this twist.


14 people agreed with the ending and believed it was appropriate, and they enjoyed the fact the ending was open to interpretation as the friends could either be ghosts or a figment of Olivia's imagination. Unfortunately the 1 person who disagreed and the 1 person who wasn't sure, didn't explain why they had this opinion, so in this case we weren't able to know if we can do something to help improve it.


We asked the audience if they thought our short film was believable and the final outcome was that everyone agreed to it being believable and it shows a good contrast between the stereotypical popular teen and her opposite.

I am glad by this outcome as we didn't want it to be unrealistic as the theme is drink driving and so the disaster in the short film could in fact happen to anyone, therefore this short will hopefully make people more aware of what could happen to people whom drink drive.


Here are a list of the stereotypes people listed:

  • Typical teenagers
  • The popular girl is friends with the shy girl
  • Innocent shy girl
  • Loud, rebelish, party girl
  • Friendship group with binary opposite
  • Loud, obnoxious, rebellious, out of control, and up to no good


Overall, everyone liked the setting and location which we would be using. We will be using different houses for each event. As if we use the same house people may recognise this and then it wouldn't work. We will also be filming a little clip when outside and some inside a car. This will be used by a GoPro so we can get the full affect of the crash.


Everyone agreed to our costumes as they were just going to be normal clothes as we are just normal teenagers in the short film. Someone suggested that we change our clothes, however when we die from the crash after the party, we'll be wearing the clothes we wore for the party. We believe we should keep these clothes on for the next day as it kind of hints to the audience that something must be wrong, but in a subtle way. Another person mentioned wearing hospital dressing, we thought about this before and like the idea as after the crash we will be injured and so people should be showing injuries like cuts and people in hospital dressings. Also it was suggested for us to contrast in colour of clothing, for example black symbolises bad and white symbolises good. We will show the characters personality through their clothing, for example the edgy girl will be wearing dark coloured clothing and the shy girl wearing boring clothes and glasses.


People have suggested for us to use party lights during the party scene. We are hoping to do this and buy some so we can get a better atmosphere for the party as it will look more crazy. Someone said that after the friends have died to have the lighting darker. This would slightly hint to the audience about the death as they wont have found out yet. We like this idea however, we are unsure if it will be giving it away too much as we are planning to be throwing other hints in it as well.


We already planned the main theme to be drink driving and everyone seemed to enjoy this as it is realistic and a problem in the world today. Someone suggested a title as "Bad influence" and this made us think of another theme of people being under the influence. This could be implied for many reasons: Being under the influence of alcohol and also being under the influence of your friends as they could peer pressure you.