Eagle Express

Silver Springs Elementary School - October 2, 2017

Mark Your Calendars

Wow! It was nice to finally enjoy some Fall weather! I hope everyone was able to get outside to sharpen the saw and to enjoy the beautiful weather.

This Week’s Events:

October 2nd - Wear Blue to Choose Kindness

October 3rd - 6:30 p.m. - Bond 2017 Community Forum at Meads Mill Middle School

October 4th - Picture Day!!!

Walk to School Day! (please see more information below)

3:45 - 5:00 After School Science

Next Week's Events:

October 11th - After School Art

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Have a great week!

Katie Booth, Principal

A Message From the Principal

October is Bullying Prevention Month

This month schools around the world will be kicking off a campaign to raise awareness about bullying prevention in our schools. Here at Silver Springs will be doing things to promote kindness. For example, each Monday during the month of October let's all wear blue to promote kindness!

Northville Public Schools has a policy about bullying. We do not tolerate bullying. You can find our policy here:

NPS Anti-bullying Policy

Additionally, NPS addresses bullying, and the penalties for bullying in the student code of conduct, accessible here:

Student Code of Conduct - See item #28

Bullying is defined as any behavior that any reasonable person would know is likely to cause harm to another. Bullying tends to be repetitive, it is often targeted behavior (meaning the bully is looking for, or coming after a particular person or group of people), and bullying features an imbalance of power. One person is powerful, the other is powerless.

So what are the differences in bullying behavior vs. rude behavior, or mean behavior? There are differences, though none of these behaviors are acceptable.

An article in Psychology Today by Signe Whitson, L.S.W., details the differences in these three socially unacceptable behaviors.

Rude behavior = Inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else.

The operative word in the above definition is "inadvertent." These are socially insensitive behaviors that come from a failure to care about or read social cues. Most of us have been rude or insensitive at times. There's no doubt these behaviors can be hurtful, and certainly interfere with the development of normal, positive relationships. People who are rude may have a pattern of insensitive behavior. They're likely not targeting anyone in particular. Rude behavior is an equal opportunity offender.

Signe Whitson describes mean behavior as different than rudeness as it is intentional where as rude behavior is unintentional. Mean behavior carries intention:

Mean behavior = Purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone once (or maybe twice).

Mean behavior is impulsive, but intentional behavior. It's the kind of thing that may happen more than once and it tends to be a result of anger or disagreement. Whitson writes, "Very often, mean behavior in kids is motivated by angry feelings and/or the mis-guided goal of propping themselves up in comparison to the person they are putting down." On the playground this can look like posturing when playing a team sport, or criticizing someone else's choices, or their way of doing something, or even excluding someone from an activity. "Your team cheats," is an example of a mean comment designed to hurt. Siblings and family members can be deliberately mean. Children may be mean to friends during a disagreement. Meanness becomes bullying when it's repetitive and controlling.

Ms. Whitson defines bullying as:

Bullying = Intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power

The literature on bullying features these three elements: an imbalance of power, repetition of mean, rude, hurtful behavior, and the targeted intention to cause harm.

When I investigate a charge of bullying I'm looking for answers to the following questions: Has this happened more than once? Does the "bully" respond when the "victim" says "no" or "stop?" Is the behavior intentional? Is the behavior targeted? Does the "bully" behave this way only to one person, or one specific group; or does the "bully" behave aggressively toward everyone? Was there anger involved? How is the recipient of this behavior chosen? Who else does this behavior happen to? Is it planned behavior or is it impulsive behavior? What is the motive of the behavior? Was the behavior witnessed by anyone else or experienced by anyone else? Is there an implied or actual threat? Would any reasonable person recognize the threat or harm?

Allow me to be clear - in a civil society there is no room for any of these three behaviors, and we handle all these behaviors when they crop up at school.

Children must learn to interact in a kind and respectful manner, even when we disagree - perhaps especially when we disagree and when we're angry!

To recap:

Rude behavior is self-centered behavior. Think the old "bull in a china closet" analogy. This is socially inept behavior that wounds indiscriminately. The rude person may not know or care that they're being rude. They're very focused on themselves.

Mean behavior is behavior that happens in times of anger and it may happen once or twice. It's often personal. Siblings and friends can be mean. They know what buttons to push and what comments to make that will wound or get a reaction based on their relationship. No one likes a meanie. Sometimes kids are mean to one another and the next thing you know they're inviting each over for play dates. Kids who are regularly mean will eventually find themselves socially ostracized.

Bullying behavior is usually intentional, repetitive, targeted behavior that features an imbalance of power. Bullies will intentionally pick their time and place for maximum effect. The victim feels powerless to stop the behavior. Bullies may be very popular people by virtue of their social power. Families can have bullies too.

Habit 8 - Finding Your Voice - is the habit that helps kids with bullying.

The first seven of Steven Covey’s habits are about becoming an effective person. We really work on that at Silver Springs. But there IS an 8th Habit as well. That 8th Habit is what takes a person from being effective to great. The 8th habit is “Finding your voice and inspiring others to find theirs.” In my experience, many of the conflicts that arise among people, and among children, begin with a breakdown of communication. Somewhere along the line we quit communicating clearly, carefully, and respectfully, and problems occur. So finding and using your voice, and inspiring others to find theirs is about communication, and feeling empowered to speak for yourself.

Can you see how finding the ability to speak up contributes to powerful leadership skills? Can you see how silence allows wrongs to fester and grow? Teaching children to find and maintain the ability to speak for themselves is critical in raising happy, healthy children.

To bully-proof your kids, they need to learn self-advocacy skills. Most bullies will target victims who are seen as powerless, unwilling or unable to speak up, or stand up for themselves. Children who speak up tend not to become victims of bullies. We're working at Silver Springs to help every child find their voice.

Here's to a fun, kind, October!

Katie Booth, Principal

Community Forums

Northville Public Schools Board of Education is hosting two community forum​s to share information about the bond proposal which will be on the November 7th ballot. Silver Springs parents are invited to Meads Mill Middle School on Tuesday, October 3rd to learn more about the upcoming bond. Because Silver Springs children attend Meads Mill, you might be interested in a Meads Mill tour! Interested parents may join us for the tour at 6:00 PM. The bond informational program will begin at 6:30 PM. Please come and see the attachment for more information. Thanks!

Family Bowling at Novi Bowl

Join us for our FIRST Family Bowling Night of the school year! The cost is $10 per person

and includes 2 games, shoe rental, a pitcher of soda and 2 slices of pizza (cheese or

pepperoni). Check in begins at 5:30pm with bowling starting promptly at 6:00pm.

Forms are due by October 17th and space is limited!

Please see the attached flyer for registration information! We hope tosee you there!!

After School Art

Northville Art House Classes at Silver Springs Elementary are designed to teach kids drawing skills and art techniques through a variety of mediums such as pastels, pencil, watercolors, acrylics, mixed media, clay & fiber arts. Join us once a month! Kids will get to explore space, travel around the world, create animals, and get inspired by master artists. Be a pART of it!

Registration is now open for October and November after school art classes.

To register click here


Space is limited to 20 students unless noted. Those parents who can help assist our instructors with the class will can register for a discounted price. For more information please contact store@northvillearthouse.org

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

October 4th is WALK TO SCHOOL DAY!

Silver Springs Elementary is participating in Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 4th. Join children and adults around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling.

See the attached flyer for more information!

Lunch Menu Corrections for October 12th

We discovered an error on October's lunch menu for October 12th (lunches B & C).

Here are correct lunches for October 12th:

A. Chicken Patty Sandwich with Potato Wedges

B. Veggie Chicken Patty Sandwich with Potato Wedges

C. Yogurt, Muffin, String Cheese

We apologize for the error.

Come on Silver Springs Families… Get your STAR on the Silver Springs Walk of Fame!

If you haven’t joined the PTA yet, return your membership form this week. The PTA is made up of volunteers who give their time to benefit our students and school! Show your commitment and join the PTA. This is the LAST week to empty the popcorn boxes of pencils for the TOP classes to win the Prize and say you have the most PTA members. The classes in the lead are Griswold, Morse, and Starosciak. There is still time for your child’s class to take the TOP prize.

Be a STAR…join the PTA!

Thank you to the STARS who have already joined.

Please see the attached flyer.

PTA Reflections Chair Needed

This is a wonderful arts education program offered by the National PTA each year to encourage students to express and explore their artistic talents in the areas of dance, film, literature, music, photography, and visual arts. The original artwork needs to reflect a specific theme. The theme this year is “Within Reach”. Please consider taking on this position or encourage a friend to Co-Chair with you. This is such a great opportunity for so many students to express their creativity.

Please contact Leslie Cardenas at

silversprings.pta.president@gmail.com for further information or questions.

Supporting the The 7 Habits at home!

Habit #4 - Think Win-Win- Everyone can Win!

What this means: Think about others as well as yourself. Long-term relationships require mutual respect and mutual benefit.

“I make deposits into others’ Emotional Bank Accounts.”

“When conflict arises, I look for third alternatives.”

“I balance courage for getting what I want, with

consideration for what others want.”

How can I do this in my life?

1. Live by the Golden Rule- Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.

Great Books for Habit #4- Think Win Win

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Lilly’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse by Leo Lionni

Let’s Be Enemies by Janice May Udry

I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff