**Samantha Dume**

**The Crusades**

**The Begining**

There was a town called Jerusalem and was the main city for the Christians because Jesus was crucified there, to the Muslims because Muhammad ascended to heaven there just as Jesus did, and to the Jews it was the site of the ancient temple built by Solomon. All three of these cultures settled there.

**The Going**

(1095)Soon new Arabic's came and took over Jerusalem, before they took over the last Arabic's allowed the Christians and the Jews to visit the town and now that the others invaded the space they don't any more.


In order to try to stop the situation, The pope called for the fist crusades. There were even some children who participated and these crusades were normal people who decided to participate. This fight took place because the pope promised that the people who fights this holy war, they will go to heaven, some people also did it because of the money also.

**Second Crusade**

On the second crusade there was an invasion again and the same exact culture caused it, the (Arabic's). The pope then again ordered a second crusade and apparently this one didn't go out so well against the Arabic's because they lost the battle. They then had something to worry about. This crusade lasted (1147-1149).

**Third Crusade**

The third crusade was also not successful and was a failure. The crusades didn't win with lack of training. This caused more difficult problems in between the two cultures. This holy war as they call it, lasted from (1189-1192). It was a pretty long time.

**The Fourth Crusade**

In the fourth crusade the crusaders attacked Constantinople instead of Jerusalem. It was a mistake, they stole statues, paintings, and jewelry. They burned libraries and destroyed the churches. The fourth Crusade lasted from (1202-1204). These were the events that happened in the crusades.