Nuclear Energy

The Future Starts Now

Why Nuclear?

Nuclear energy is the only renewable energy source capable of powering the world. Traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels are polluting the planet and emitting toxins that kill thousands of people per year. Renewable sources already used are not capable of powering the world nuclear energy is the only option we have to conserve the planet and the future of the human race.

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False arguments against nuclear

Many people will try and tell you that nuclear energy is not worth the risk of a melt down. In the history of nuclear energy there have been two notable melt down, contantanople and fukishima that killed around 50,000 people between the two of them, when in reality the burning of fossil fuels kills thousands of people each year and it is not just a rarity but a side affect. People may also try and tell you that it is not cost affective, the fact of the matter is that there is not a price you can put on the quality of air, safety of people, and the future of planet earth.