College Prep and Career Workshops

A 2-hour interactive workshop to get you ready for life

Our workshop is coming soon.

A 2-hour interactive workshop will get you ready for college and life. You will learn how to prepare for college from real college students and meet with professionals in career you choose. So come, learn, and have fun.

College Prep & Career Path Workshop

Sunday, Aug. 4th 2013 at 12-2pm

6510 Lake Dr

Charlotte, NC

12:00: College prep for high school students (college planning, SAT scores, GPAs, etc)

12:15: College prep for entering freshmen (financial aids, scholarships, picking majors, etc)

12:45: During college (planning, strategies, things to do and not to do, career planning, etc)

1:00: Q&A over lunch. A chance to get to know your future career from experienced professionals. We will have speakers from variety of industry.