Elizabeth Haddon Library Newsletter

February 2023

Black History Month

Black History Month is a celebration of achievements by Black Americans and a time to recognize their contributions and roles in United States history. Black History Month is celebrated every year throughout the month of February. We learned about Black inventors, artists, writers, musicians, athletes, teachers, and leaders.

Digital Citizenship

Who Would Win?

4th graders have completed the research battle that was inspired by the Who Would Win? series by Jerry Pallotta. Students worked collaboratively to research two animals, create a Google Slides presentation, and determine who would win between the two based on size, speed, physical attributes, and defenses.


Big picture

Project Based Learning

After reading Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg, students worked in pairs to create their own board game. Inspired by the game within the book, students developed a theme (or setting), an objective and rewards and consequences for the players in the game.

Using Tinkercad, a 3D modeling program, students designed a game piece and printed them using our MakerBot 3D printers to play each other's games.This project combined critical thinking with language arts skills as well as programming elements.