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What are examples of discrimination in the world currently?

There are many discriminating people in the world today. It is discriminating that is some countries today women are not even allowed to show there faces. There is also racial discrimination. Which we all know there is a lot of currently from African Americans to Muslims and even Jewish people. This world sees too much discrimination.

Women are still forbidden to drive in Saudi Arabia. In South Asia women don't get the opportunity to meet someone, they have the marriages arranged by age 18. In courts all custody rights are given to the father, leaving the mother with no financial support. Women usually earn only 77% of what men earn in the workplace. You can discriminate by age, disabilities, compensation, nationality, religion, sex, gender,and many more.

Even a little joke that is taken the wrong way by someone else can be discrimination. Sexual harassment is against the law. Bullying can also be discrimination if it happens because of someone's disability, race, age, sexual orientation, or anything prohibited from the equal opportunity act of 2010. If someone is being bullied because of a personal characteristic then it is discrimination, and it does not have to happen multiple times for it to be discrimination it only takes one time.

Discrimination is only against the law if it happens in a public area like stores, clubs, schools, and at work. Direct discrimination is when someone is treated unfairly because of a personal characteristic protected by the law. Indirect discrimination is when there is an unreasonable requirement, condition, or practice in which there is a disadvantage because of a personal characteristic.

what are the major events in women's rights history

In 1869 women were fighting to be able to vote. In 1920 the people of the women's rights movement won the right to vote. In 1955 Rosa Parks refused to vacate a "white only" bus in Montgomery Alabama, it inspired women everywhere black and white to fight to end segregation. In 1960 the FDA approved birth control pills. Betty Friden wrote the book The Feminine Mystique to ask women to rethink there social roles.

The Civil Rights act prohibit employment discrimination based on race, color, Religion, nationality, and sex. Labor laws allowed for more equal work conditions and more jobs altered for women. Supreme Court rule birth control allowed for married couples. Then, Haley gurley brown transforms Cosmopolitan into a women's magazine. in 1966 the National Organization of Women (NOW) was founded.

In 1967 California legalized abortion. In 1968 Miss America beauty pageants were protested and covered on media. The (NOW) bill of rights was published the Women's Equity Action League was established. Equal rights amendment was introduced to congress. In 1972 Supreme Court rules birth control legal for single people. The first National Women's conference held in Huston.

In 1978 there was the first "Take Back the Night" march to raise awareness for rape. In 1981 Supreme Court excluded women from the draft. Supreme Court took away the law of the husband being the master of the women's stuff. Sandra Day O'Conner became the first appointed woman of the Supreme Court. Then in 1983 Supreme Court rules that minors need parental consent to take abortion pills.