Poetry One Pager

By Philo Tshilombo

Step 1

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Step 2

one,ripened,maturity,comprehend,blossom The words that make it more powerful is blossom and one. These words make this poem powerful for an example the word one is powerful because it saying that we are all the same.Also when it said blossom its saying we all grow together.

Step 3

"we are one" "the right to fully blossom". The tone that is created in "we are one " phrase its saying that we are all equal so there nothing different like by skin color because god made us all the same.Then when it says "the right to fully blossom" its saying we got the right to live the way we want too.

Step 4

"we are one" the device is lines and phrases How?? Because the device lines and phrases are you in a way to make it short and simple in order too theres no repitition its just in her perspective that she wants it to bee without rhyming.

Step 5

They all relate to each other because almost everything im saying is that we are one like literally f.e the image is and step1,3,4.Theme statement is that i made everything saying we are one because where actually one of a kind. In the picture i did it and sometimes i did blossom because we got our own right to live the way we want to live.All The items makes a Theme and it is that we are one no matter how smelly we are or our skin color differences or even our religion. But we still are one with rights because god made is equal in his image