Garmin Nuvi 465LMT Review

Car GPS Touchscreen Technology - Read This Before Buying

Most people have now gotten used to touchscreen on their phones and computers, but did you know that touchscreen technology is now also available on your car's GPS too? That's right. If you would only search on Google for different touchscreen car GPS, you will find several brands that are already on the market.

These things work the same way as touchscreen phones and computers do: You simply click a button and type in the address of your destination. Find out more information watch Garmin Nuvi 465LMT 4.3 - Inch Trucking GPS Navigator.

If you've been meaning to get a touchscreen GPS, go ahead and buy one. However, before you buy, there are some criteria for what makes a good GPS, and your unit should meet them.
1. Waterproof
2. Color touchscreen
3. A comprehensive base map
4. Micro SD slot for updating the software
5. Highly-Sensitive GPS Receiver
6. Intelligent route mapping

GPS or Global Position System is what makes it possible for your car's navigation to determine the directions to your destination. But aside from a highly-sensitive GPS receiver, make sure your GPS navigation unit has other fun features. (Since these things cost money, it's only right that you get something more out of them.)

Fun features of car GPS systems include:

The ability to view different TV channels
Voice guidance
Speed limit information
Speed limit warning if you're going over the limit
Icons showing places of interest including parks, gas stations, etc.

The features mentioned above are really just the basic fun features of a decent GPS. You should know that some GPS brands have features that are reminiscent of tablet PCs: WiFi, media player, e-book reader, etc.

Before buying a GPS for your car, make sure you read reviews. These reviews should give you an idea about the many features of a particular brand. And that's our take on touchscreen car GPS systems.

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Garmin Nuvi 465LMT Trucking GPS Navigator Review & DISCOUNT Sale