bill of right


about the bill of rights

bill of rights are for all people and different way and words

bill 1:freedoms of speech, the press, and religion

congress should make no law respecting an establishment and petition government for a redress of gievances

bill 2:the right to bear arms

you can have people from there our army and keep runs

bill 3:the right to privacy in the home

you dont have to quarter troops

bill 4:unreasonable search and seizure

Police cant search your without a warvant

bill 5:double ; self incrimination

you have to go to court before you go to jail

bill 6:the rights of the accused in criminal casfs

you will have a trial us soon as you can

bill 7:the rights to a jury trial

jurx has to settlecases

Bill 8:preventing creland unsal

your punishment shows each your crime

bill 9:rights retained

shall be construed to deny retained by the people

bill 10;limiting feral powers

powers to U.S by constitution or to the people
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