The great Taj mahal

by Trey gambrell

the great taj mahal

Do you know the taj mahal well if you don't it one of the greatest building built.It was build for some one to member ohh diead. people travel all the time just to see one of the biggest mausoleum in the world see it to day.maybe one day you well get to see the taj mahal in person but one bad thing about it doe is you have to be 15 or older to take a tour.

how did they build it ?

The inside was made out of white marble dising by architects all though out chain.

The architects used gray and yellow sandstone also for the outside they used all different kinds of bricks,like sweet lime stone and reed glue and red clay. to make that outside they used jute and fossilized soil to mixed to make that white brow color. some times people thing it look like a big building wlfe 4 sides and a green house well it is.

the special features

Did you know that the emperor shah jahan had planned to construct a another taj mahal in black marble on the other side of the river but he didn't because of war and hes son.the taj mahal was stared in 1632 and finish in 1654 Shah jahan third wife died when she had her 14 child her name was mumtaz nahal, she was buried in the taj mahal because shah jahan want to member her .Today it stands to be one of the greatest mausoleum built in the world today.

some more special features

The Taj mahal was build right beside the moqie and the green house on the two river sides of India. The worker use large animal like the elephants ,the worker use more than 1,000 elephants to built part of the Taj mahal ,people call the taj mahal the seven wonder of the world.the taj mahal attracts 2-4 million visitors mostly over about 200,000 from oversea. when the Taj mahal was getting stared shah jahan was popularly know has as prince khurram at the time for building the taj mahal for his wife in member . some how the taj mahal appears to be different colors at night because of the moon.

how it look today

This amazing pice of history in this builting is over 200 year old but it is one of the greatest builting in the world to day and it stile stands in perfect condition the ool part about it in the day time is the yamuna river right next to the taj mahal has a refletion on the water.
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