Cyber bullying

Why people cyberbully and what impact it has of people.

A Lot of people get cyber bullied everyday.Some of theses people just ignore it and not really pay attention to it, but others aren't as lucky and sometimes even hurt themselves or even commit suicide.Most of the time its just a little mean comment or just a necessary message, but other times it can even be threats of them getting beat up.the people that are able to ignore this problem can usually live a happy life, but those who aren't as luck live in a life of misery which is why they chose to hurt themselves to relieve the pain or even kill them self just to escape the pain and fear they have.This is why people should be careful of what they say or post or send online because it might be funny or entertaining at the time but that just for you you don't know how the other person feels about that.If people can be nice to one another then this world would be so much nicer and peaceful.

- Don't bully people if you wouldn't want to be bullied.

-Block the person or people that are bullying you.

-report people that you see bullying other people or yourself

-Tell an adult if things start to become hurtful like threats or any sort of stuff that would be inappropriate in real life.

-Be careful of what you put on the online or what ever you share with people.

-just be nice to people and hopefully they will be nice with you too.