Dominique Mitchell

Women Deserve it Too

This feminist movement is bringing many significant changes for women. After JFK announced women's status in the country, women began to change their whole attitudes. Betty Friedan has become a very influential leader during this time as well. She wrote the Feminine Mystique, which shows women's dissatisfactions. Gloria Steinem is also another influential leader. She found the National Women's Political Caucus and has published Ms. Magazine. This movement is occurring very fast, but I know for sure a lot of good things are gonna come from this movement.

Latinos Fight Back

The Latino population has grown from 3 million to 9 million. The Farm Worker Movement had begun and Cesar Chavez has helped for the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee. Chavez setup boycotts. Cultural pride is huge with Puerto Ricans and Chicanos demanded cultural recognition and better school. The Bilingual Education Act was passed and it funded bilingual and cultural programs. The Political Power of Latinos is increasing and they are organizing to help elect Latino Candidates. The Latinos are fed up and fighting back.

Native Americans Struggle for Equality

Native Americans also sought greater autonomy. Native Americans cling to their culture and refuse assimilation. Native Americans were the poorest group, with the highest unemployment and health problems. Termination policy relocates and does not solve their problems. 1968 President Johnson establishes the National Council on Indian Opportunity. In 1972 AIM leads a march in D.C. to protest treaty violations and to seek restoration of their native lands. AIM, Sioux has seized Wounded Knee and taken hostages. Even had a violent confrontation with FBI.

Counterculture Movement

This Counterculture Movement has brought many different things. Starting with the Hippie Culture. The Hippie Culture is becoming known as the era of “sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, crazy clothing. Some hippies have even turned to Eastern religion(Zen), medication Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. San Francisco is becoming known as the hippie capital. This movement is coming to a decline, however, because many people have fallen victim to drug addiction and mental breakdowns. This movement really is changing the course of history.