Dystopia Flyer

Bryan Salyers


An imagined futuristic place, where everything is seen as bad in the context of our current society. Although a very pessimistic worst case scenario, it often hints at current problems in our modern society.

Characteristic #1

Propaganda is used to control the decisions of the citizens.
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Characteristic #2

The natural world is distrusted, and it ends being part of everyday life.
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Characteristic #3

Citizens live in a dehumanized state.
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Control #1 Philosophical/Religious control

A religious ideology is enforced, often through dictatorship or theocratic government.
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Control #2 Corporate Control

Society is controlled through corporations, whether through media, advertising or products.
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Dystopian Hero

Harrison Bergeron is an example of a Dystopian hero because he think that there is something wrong with the society in which he lives, he wants to fix it, and he feels trapped. He goes on TV in the story and lets people know how he feels, as another example.
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