Three Types of Buisness

By: Saige Roberts

Here's and Outline...

Three Types of Business:

  1. Structure
  2. Advantages
  3. Disadvantages

Proprietorship and Partnership:


  1. Owned and run by single person
  2. Owner has full pride and profit
  3. Unlimited Liability and limited financial capital


  1. Owned and operated by two people who have legally designated responsibilities
  2. Pride of owning part of a business, raise more financial capital, more talents and abilities
  3. Unlimited Liability, complex legal structure

For Visual Learners

Anyone Can Own a Business!


  1. Owned and managed by any number of people
  2. Easily raise financial capital, and able to grow with more money
  3. Expensive and complex to start, business owners have VERY little say, subject to regulation and double taxation