The Year of the Hangman

Gary Blackwood

Characters , Setting


Ben Franklin

New Orleans during the Rev. War

Main conflict

Creighton is kidnapped by patriots and is forced with who his real friends are.

Beggining events

Creighton admits he has a gambling problem and it gets the best of him.(page 10-12

Creighton gets kidnapped.(page 13-14)

Middle events

Ben Franklin takes Creighton in, Ben treats Creighton better than he has been treated since the "Death" of his father(page 179)

Creighton helps Hale and his cousin escape.(page 142-145)

Ending Events

Creighton chooses Mr.Arnold of Uncle Gower when he chooses to second him.(page216-218)

Creighton and Arnold and get into St. Marks and finda Harry Brown.(235-236)