What's Happening at the "D"

V5 #2 2018/2019

A note from the Principal...

Hello DeKeyser families,

With the first week of school complete, I had some time to reflect, and I am so proud to be a part of our school community. To the right is a picture of my hope for the year. You can check out the hopes of the other staff members in the showcase in the lobby.

This is my 9th year leading this school and I have to say this was the smoothest start! Sure, there may have been hiccups here and there....overall, the "vibe" of the start of school was positive, encouraging, and warm. I heard from parents how their students came home with fun stories and I saw lots of smiles on students' faces. The teachers spent much of this week getting to know their students, building relationships, and revisiting the importance of having a growth mindset in our learning.

Speaking of a growth mindset, everyone in our school, including myself and staff apply the idea. We care about our students and learning is both social and academic. We believe that in our school setting, we develop the whole child. The 3 to Be: Kind, Safe, and Responsible are the overarching expectations. You may see us and students holding up three fingers; that is our sign to be quiet, reflect and remind ourselves of our expectations; kind, safe, responsible. You might even try it at home, as being kind, safe, and responsible could apply anywhere. When you want to get your child's attention, try holding up three fingers above your head, your child will (hopefully) do it back and quietly look to you.

I sometimes hear a message given to kids that "going to the principals office" is a bad thing. Or some might tell students, "You don't ever want to go to the principal's office".

I care about every student at DeKeyser and want to be a source of help and learning. I want students to see me as someone who can help them, rather than someone to fear. There may be times when students make mistakes (we all do), and there are consequences for their mistakes (we all have them). With a growth mindset, making mistakes is a part of learning, which we all are capable of. When I talk with students about the mistakes they make, we always talk about what might have been done instead, how their mistake affected other people, and what could be done differently in the future. And, then, yes, there may be a consequence, which is also an important part of learning. There are 500 little people with brains not yet fully developed as ours, we cannot expect them to be perfect and not make mistakes. :)

I also wanted to mention that students come to my office for many reasons: to read to me and show me their learning, they come to my office when they are proud of something, they have come down to my office when they want to work out a conflict with a friend, and there have even been students come to my office just to check in when they want a quiet moment.

So, please help me in "re-defining" the principal's office as a safe place where there is a growth mindset, and necessary for learning.

With gratitude,

Mary Beth Merlo

Picture Day - Monday, September 10, 2018

Picture Packets were sent home with Dolphin Day packets. If you would like to order online before picture day, please go to http://mylifetouch.com . Our Picture day ID is: LM718153Y0

Yearbooks are included in picture packages A-G, ordered by 12/31/2018.

If you would like to order a yearbook ONLY, ordering will take place in the Winter.

OPEN HOUSE - Wednesday, September 12th at 7PM

The Open House program is geared toward parents. Child care WILL NOT be provided. For safety and order, students MUST stay with their parents the entire event.

Parking Lot Safety

Safety is number one!

I have noticed parents driving around to the back of the building by the dumpsters to drop off or pick up. This is NOT allowed! There are students and parents that walk back there. FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL, please, please, do NOT drive in the back of the building to drop off or pick up.

~The flow of traffic is one way.

~Driving to the parking lot behind the building is NOT allowed, no student drop off in the back of the building.

~Please be courteous to other drivers, kids are most likely within earshot and modeling patience will benefit their learning.

Thank you! :)

2018 Bond Proposal

The Utica Community Schools Board of Education voted unanimously (7-0) in mid-August to place a bond proposal on the November ballot to address safety and security, technology and infrastructure improvements identified through the district’s strategic, long-range facility improvement program. Voter approval of the bond proposal has been structured to keep the tax rate at or below the current level. An insert in our newsletter explains the Board's action and outlines the purpose of the bond proposal. This proposal will impact every UCS student and school. We will share more about the bond proposal when school opens. For more information, you can also contact me at (586)797-4400 or visit www.uticak12.org/2018bond.
UCS 2018 Bond Proposal

Please Click HERE for Information about the 2018 Bond Proposal

School Breakfast and Lunch menus

The Food and Nutrition Services Department is excited to announce that all menus are now digitally accessible on all devices to allow for personalized viewing options. Users can select to view nutritional and allergen information, as well as customize print and language settings. Menus can also be viewed at https://uticak12.nutrislice.com, or on the UCS Mobile App.

Please see flyer below for more info.

School breakfast begins Tuesday, September 4th and school lunches begin Wednesday, September 5th.

School meal prices for students will remain unchanged for the 2018-2019 school year.

2018-2019 Meal Prices

Elementary, Lunch $ 2.75

Junior High, Lunch $ 2.90

High School, Lunch $ 2.95

All Grades, Breakfast $ 1.75

!!!Congratulations to our VIP Parking Spot Winners!!!

At our Spring Fling this year, we raffled off a parking spot in the front of the lot, closest to the building. The winning family may park in the spot during the month designated at any time.

Here is a list of winners by month:

September: Jen Gonzalez

October: Lisa Dicker

November: Kayla Cardillo

December: Jen Gonzalez

January: Kellie Clark

February: Tara Schmid

March: Kayla Cardillo

April: Jen Gonzalez

May: Amanda Peebles

June: Kellie Clark

This parking spot will be monitored, please do not park in the spot unless you are the month's winner. Thank you!

2018/2019 School Calendar

Next year's calendar of district school days and vacation days has been released. Please click below to see a copy of the calendar.

Upcoming Events...

9/10 - Picture Day

9/12 - Open House 7pm

9/21 - Mom and Son Movie Night

9/25 - Music Instrument rental

10/5 - 5th and 6th Camp

10/9 - PTCG Meeting 7pm

10/12 - Fun Run

10/25 - 3rd Grade Music Concert

10/26 - Spooktacular

10/31 - 1/2 Day- dismissal 12:04

DeKeyser Attendance Line - (586)797-4499

If your child will be absent from school, please call our attendance line and leave a message.

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