Electronic Music

The music of the 21st century. By: Kyle Langevin

What is electronic music

Electronic music is music performed using synthesizers and other electronic instruments. Electronic music is the true music of the 21st century. Even though the popularity of electronic music is skyrocketing today, It has a longer history than most people would think. Electronic music was first created in Paris in 1948 by Leon Theremin, but the first entirely synthesized music was first created in Germany, in 1950.

How is electronic music made

A synthesizer is used to create the tones. A synthesizer is an instrument that produces the actual music. Instrument controllers are whats used to manipulate the sound. To produce good music good software is essential, the software has to be capable to process the electronic music.


Dubstep is the most evolutionary form of electronic music. Dubstep is a form of dance music which is typically instramental. Many music artists have adopted this genre because of its growing popularity. In the last few years dubstep has made its way to the radio, and the top itunes charts. Old dubstep artists


Skrillex is the true king of electronic music. He was born on january, 15, 1988 In california. When he was 16 years old he moved out of his house aspiring to be a famous musician. belive it or not Skrillex first started in a rock band, but was later forced to leave because of mandatory surgery in 2011. His music career skyrocketed with many famous hits. He also won a grammy with his hit song "Where are Ü now" with Justin Bieber, and Diplo.


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