TOP 32 INCH TV 2015 - 4k and LED

Highest Rated 4k, Curved, LED and LCD 32inch Televsisions

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The top 32 inch TVs in the today's market include the following:

The advancement in technology has seen TV companies strive in collaborating many technologies in the TVs to improve on efficiency and performance. The improvement has been evident with production of bigger screens like 84 inch and 74 inch. Despite the larger screens the 32 inch TV screens are still the best selling and preferred size due to the space and affordability.

Some years ago the 32 inch TV had 720 pixel but today it has been advanced to full HD display of 1080 pixel. Before purchasing the 32 inch television it is essential to consider the technology that is; LED, LCD and Plasma.The technology used is a very crucial factor to consider when purchasing. LCD is the least expensive of the three, reproduce high resolution images although it not much energy efficient. Plasma is most expensive, got the best picture quality although it is less long lasting. LED offers the best of the 3 technologies; reproduce high definition video content quality, are slim which contribute to uniformity and lighting of picture qualities and is more energy efficient.

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In 2015 Samsung Company has taken the TV world with production of new models of 32 inches that have high performance and more capabilities.UN32H5500 is one of the models with the capability to connect with the internet due to the smart hub in built. It has wide color enhancer system that enable advancement of non-HD content for better picture quality.

The LED 1080p reproduces vibrant and smooth pictures corresponding to clarity to video. What impresses most in the model is the cinema mode mostly in dark scenes displays perfect color. The LED 1080P TV also allows better management of files and content to be displayed using a remote.They also started offering a bunch of new 4k TVs featuring Samsung Technology.

2. VIZIO E320i-B2 LED

Vizio TV has really advanced the 32 inch TV with this model with qualities as those of bigger screens.E320i-B2 has 2 HDMI ports and inbuilt smart apps; Amazon, Vudu, Netflix and You tube allowing access to large content online. The present calibrated and calibrated dark set the picture accuracy and of good quality. The black levels are flexible as they can be set with the black detail advanced setting. The picture qualities are a notch high as long as the contrast and brightness is set right.


This model produces 1080P HD video quality compared to the 720p the difference is very evident in clarity and details. It contains 3 HDMI ports although one is unusable due to absence of smart capabilities. The clear motion rate technology enhances the processing speed by manipulating to 120 HZ which eliminate blurring in fast motion scenes. Its capability to produce Blu-ray and HD content more detailed is another great feature. The screen interface is easy to navigate using a remote.

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4. SONY KDL 32R420B

Although Sony has been on the top in TV world it seems to be overtaken by other brands in the recent years in advancement of the 32 inch. This model though has scaled up the 480p content in the DVD and the sound is another great quality with the sound effects and clarity in voice cannot be compared with another model. It also has Wi-Fi direct connection that can connect wireless with the windows and android phones. It contains vivid, custom and standard mode that enable to set the preferred picture view. The Sony has 2 HDMI ports, digital and analogue audio output and USB port. For 720p TV in contrast to the 1080p it is worth being at the top with its other features.


Panasonic free view HD has been complemented by the Free sat free time that helps in catching up with the TV service. The unique feature is the swipe and share that allows 2 way file swiping just like the flash share in the smart phones. Has smart capabilities to BBC, Netflix, I Player and BBC sports that enables wide access to contents online. The picture quality is high in full HD and 1080p.

6. VIZIO M322i-B1

This set has the slick design and new technology in-built. The color of the display is accurate with pictures detailed with the 1080P is clarified and sharp. The remote is one of a kind that has QWERTY keyboard that makes controlling of the interface simple. Vizio has full array LED backlight that enhances the contrast in the videos.

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7. LG 32LB5600 LED

Production of the picture is very accurate with balanced contrast and sharp details of 1080p.The design has center pole with angled legs at each end which makes it very appealing. There is motion clarity index technology that enhances fast motion in games and videos.

8. SAMSUNG UE32H6200

Samsung has really gone a notch higher with the in building of Quad-core processing engine that facilitates in the processing of videos and pictures with sharpness, color clarity and contrast controlling. It contains a recommendation system that recommend the user on content to choose.

9. FINLUX 32F8030-T

Finlux is not much popular with many users but this model is one of the model that is at the top. It has full HD with free view HD that produces detailed, heavy contrast and natural pictures. Comes with 4 HDMI ports and smart content capabilities in Netflix and Love film. The user interface is modern and easy to navigate around the screen. For this model it is really worth being at the top due to its outstanding features.

In conclusion TV screens in 2015 are too many but there are those models that have surpassed others due to performance and picture quality. The 32 inch TVs at the top 2015 are affordable and most smart television that allows access to Internet.