Ipomoea hederacea

Also known as the morning glory

Morning glory

My morning glory has it's seed leaves so far. Morning Glorys can be blue, red, pink, purple and white and attract butterflies and humming birds. Many gardeners love them because they are easy and fast to grow and keep growing in poor, dry soils. The vines can reach up to fifteen feet in one growing season! They are called morning Glorys because they usually bloom in the morning and close at night. Blue is the most commen color for morning Glorys. Like most plants it requires water, soil and sunlight to grow.

This is my morning glory so far

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The functions for the parts of the plant

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The stigma is at the top of the pistil and it provides a place for pollen to land.

This is a diagram of a flower

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The life cycle of a plant

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The seed is what you plant in the ground to start the plants life.

Young plant

A young plant is when a plant starts to grow out of the ground.

Mature plant

A mature plant is when the plant is fully grown.


When your plant grows a flower it starts as a bud.


The flower grows on a plant before the the fruit. The fruit grows after the flower.

The stages of a plant

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Death is when the plant is fully grown and then it dies.

What is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is when Carbon dioxide go's into the plants leaves and the leaves put out oxygen.
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