Athenian Democracy

5th century BC

We are the people

The government of the athenians gave them the right to vote. They didnt have a republic, and they were not governed by a representative group of legislatures. They more of governed themselves; to an extent.

Assembly time

The greek translation for democracy, is to give rule to the Demos. Demos means "village", or "people". Demos also translated to deme. It was the smallest administrative unit of the state, much like a school district. At the age of 18 you would present yourself to a member of it. If you met qualifications, you were enrolled in the assembly list.

Speakers shot down

If someone were to try to speak, Athens were very critical on it if its outside of their expertise. If they are speaking of construction, no matter how wealthy or well-born this character may be, they will call for a builder to speak upon it and so forth for each given discussion. The Athenians were known to laugh and scorn and shout down whoever speaks out of their own expertise.