Louisiana Purchase

The Land For Sale!

What is the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase was one of the largest land purchases in history! The land territory was bought in 1803 and stretched 828,000 square miles (2,100,00 square km). The land had 15 states. Eventually all or parts of 15 states were formed out of the region. The states were Arkansas, Colorado , Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma , South Dakota, Texas , and Wyoming. The purchase allowed the United States to expand even further westward and to become the nation it is today. The land that was purchased in the Louisiana Purchase now makes up about 23% of the territory of the United States today!

How did the Louisiana Purchase effect or help the Americans?

Pros and Cons of the Louisiana Purchase

At the beginning it was not that helpful for the Americans because they spent a lot of money on the land. But, since they had the land it gave them more power to do what they liked because the more land you had the more power and control you had over other people and states. With the more land it gave the Americans more farmland and rich soil to plant crops. With all the crops they had they got more money through trade and selling and had more food for themselves. The Louisiana Purchase helped the Americans settle more families and people to come and enjoy the land they have earned because if it wasn’t for Thomas Jefferson the united states wouldn’t be this big and have less land and states in it today!

Fun Facts on the Louisiana Purchase

Everyone wanted more: more places to live, more livestock for their farms. The one thing that the United States Government wanted more of was land. And the Louisiana Territory had a lot of land. Louisiana was owned by France, and New Orleans was a huge French settlement. Many Americans lived in and around New Orleans, and many American ships sailed back and forth on the river. The U.S. Government wanted to protect American shipping and settlements.So President Thomas Jefferson sent Robert Livingston to France to buy New Orleans and the surrounding area. Napoleon, who was by this time Emperor of France, refused. He was involved in wars in Europe and had dreams of a western empire as well. Why did Napoleon change his mind? Things were going badly for him, and he needed the money. With one transaction, the size of the country doubled. The landscape of the United States and North America would be forever changed. Such large land had many Americans living in it, but the bulk of it was unknown to Americans. So Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore it.

By: Kassi Mazza