Kindergarten News

Our Kindergarten students are EPIC!

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Important Dates

4/28-5/1 Spring Book Fair

5/1 GenTXDay- Wear college shirts!

5/5 Kindergarten Round-Up for parents with students entering Kindergarten for the year 2015-2016 from 5:30-6:30

5/5 Fun Run $ Due

5/8 Fun Run

5/8 Field Day T-Shirt Orders Due ($5.00)

5/11 Speeding to Read Turn 4

5/15 Reading Under the Stars Family Event

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What are we doing next week?

Reading: We will describe the characters in a story and explain the reason for their actions so that I can understand the story.

Writing: We will use descriptive words so that I can make my writing clearer.

Social Studies: Draw and write to compare a custom or tradition in your community with a custom or tradition from another community.

Math: We will show teen numbers on a ten frame, so I can show teen numbers in more than one way. We will review different ways to show teen numbers and 20, so I can count forward from any number between 11-20.

Science: We will identify the stages of the plant life cycle so I can understand how plants grow and change.

Phonetic Skill: CVC

Questions to ask your kindergartner!

  • What book did you like best this week and why? Who were the characters and what were they like?
  • What did you write about this week? Can you retell it to me?
  • What are the teen numbers? Can you write the numeral and word name?
  • What are the parts of a plant?
  • What do plants need to survive?
  • What does your plant look like this week?
  • What did the chick eggs do this week?

How can you help at home

· Practice reading and writing the Kindergarten sight word list.

· Before reading each page, have your child predict what the story will be about. While reading, ask your child to think about their prediction. Do they need to change it?

· Can your child retell the story he/she reads using characters, setting, what happened first, second, third, next, then and last?

· If your child comes to an unknown word- ask them to skip it and then come back.

· Write a story using five or more sentences. Don’t forget to spell sight words correctly!

· Practice writing the words and numerals 0-20 correctly.

· Count by 5’s or 10’s! Count to 100!

· Addition/Subtraction in a variety of ways *Combinations to 10

o With objects, drawings, on a number line, in a sentence (four and two is six)

· Act out story problems- There were 9 bears in a cave. Two bears went out for berries. How many bears are still in the cave?

· Identify a number that is one less or one more within 20.

· Practice counting forwards and backwards within 20.