Fourth Grade Happenings

Week of April 11th


Comprehension Strategy: Review

For the next couple weeks, the kids will be grouped by interest for reading groups. We will be reading chapter books. The books not necessarily be on your child's grade level as we are really going to focus on how to have effective discussions and thinking deeper while reading independently. You child will be given a section of reading to do each night and will have a small job to do as they read. These will be listed on their bookmark. Our group time will be spent discussing what they read so they should have their reading done before group time. Thank you in advance for your support on this, as I know it's not always easy to get your child to read. I'm hoping they will be excited about this since it is something new.

**Please make sure your child has their reading and their "job" done before school the next day. They are assigned one "job" each night. It will come home in a bound colored book.


We will continue our applying what we already know to deeper problem solving.

**I would LOVE for you to pop quiz your child on multiplication facts to keep them fresh in their mind. They need to keep the fluency of facts up so they can easily apply them to larger problems.

Social Studies:

Quiz over the Midwest on 4/14.

***Reminder- they need to know, state location and abbreviation in addition to the capital.

Electronic Flashcards:

Website for studying:

States and Capitals Rap:



MAP Testing

State testing will begin on April 29th. Just like last year, it will all be on the computers. We are practicing the format so that the kids are familiar with how to use the tools and with the question types. Please make sure, more than usual, that your child goes to bed at a good time and has a nutritious breakfast. I do not want them to feel any anxiety about this test, but I do want them to know that it is very important to do their best as these score are looked for various placements in 5th Grade. :)

If your child would like to bring a pair of headphones/ear buds from home, they can! We provide them with headphones, but they might feel more comfortable with a personal pair.

Book Recommendations