Summer in Hawaii

Maui and Oahu

Earth Science in Hawaii

Over the summer I went to Hawaii and saw mountains, valleys, cinder cones, etc. Hawaii is an active hotspot. I went to Maui and Oahu which these are not over the hotspot anymore and are safe. One of the mountains in Hawaii is the tallest mountain (not above sea level) in the world.

Helicopter Ride and Zip-lining over Mountains

When I went to Hawaii we decided to go zip-lining. We had to take an old van up a bumpy road until we reached the walking trail. On the first line I was so afraid that I would fall or that when I got to the other side and I would crash. When I ran down the platform I just saw the view. It was amazing you could see everything on half of Maui. It was really fun but seemed to short. The next day we went on a helicopter ride!! It was really amazing, we saw the cinder cones and craters at the top of the mountain. I also learned that there is a Statue of Liberty on Maui called the Statue of Maui. There is also a cinder cone that eroded and water poured into it and it became a swimming pool/hot spring.

Three things about me

I love to play soccer. This year I made the orange team (second best) with some of my old teammates and Chris. I really love to do L.A. and math. I have a snow globe collection from anywhere cool that I've been. I have a few from Hawaii and California but I also have one from PARIS and AUSTRALIA even though I have never been there my grandma got me them.