Where Is Middle Earth?

Chile, the odvious place

Chile's land and people

The country of Chile is a very green mountainous region. There's a lot of ocean clearly making it a wetter area. The national language is Spanish like most countries in South America. The culture is much like their neighboring countries; they value family much like the Company does with their friendship the made into a family. Music and dancing in very important to their daily lives, clearly since the Company carries instruments every where with them and break out in song they love music too. They also wear bright colors like green and yellow much like a hobbit.

Why Chile Should be Middle Earth

As i explained above this the region would be perfect, lots of lakes/rivers, mountains, dense forests, and very traditional. in the Hobbit theirs a lot of singing going on between the elves and dwarfs. in Chile people sing and dance all the time. there is alot of land that has not been industrialized which in the Hobbit it definitely was not. Chile compared to other countries is set back, coincident i think not. they also have alot of legends including magic; which is a big part in the Hobbit. so as you can see Chile would be perfect.

Counter claims

  • It is a warm place.
  • well they never really said if it were a hot or cold place plus in the mornings and night it is very chilly
  • some of Chile has been industrialized.
  • Chile is very big and they might have been discovered where as magic protects the other parts
  • they don't speak english.
  • it never stated what langue they spoke just the book we read was in english