5 Tips for Moms To Achieve Goals

Helping moms transition into a goal-oriented lifestyle

Get back on track to living a fulfilled life

Have you dreamed about going back to school, starting a business or even just going back to work?

This webinar is for you!

Refocus your life, priorities and goals to power-boost your growth to the 'next level’—all while connecting with the right people to support you in your journey. Special presenter Chandra Deal, Founder of Lucid Brand Media public relations agency, will teach moms how to successfully create and achieve their goals by learning how to take control of their life through principles including self-motivation, discipline and commitment.

Chandra is a mother, student, employee and business owner all while raising her two sons ages 7 and 10. She holds a B.A. in Legal Studies, M.S. in Entertainment Business and M.A. in Communication; collectively she brings over 10 years of practical experience in being a successful mom and entrepreneur. If there is one person who can help you with life lessons, Chandra is a great example of an accomplished mom.

Amy Morin, social worker, psychotherapist and journalist suggests in a Forbes article that the stress of juggling childbearing responsibilities with the demands of work takes a toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives; however, parents who are able to raise well-adjusted children while also maintaining a career have to make sacrifices in order to keep the peace.

By joining the conference you will surround yourself with the latest information, tools and most importantly—people who can support you with these essential goals:

  • Strengthen your commitment to self-progression
  • Gain valuable strategies to maintain stress
  • Develop a personal plan of action using the "Five 'S' Principles of Success"
  • Make your dream a reality

This webinar is designed for moms, guardians and caretakers who want to advance their personal goals by proactively pursuing their own professional and personal development. Whether you are in school, working or taking care of home, "5 Steps For Moms to Achieve Goals: Helping moms transition into a goal-oriented lifestyle conference sponsored by Lucid Brand Media offers you a well-versed presenter, refreshingly relevant topics and the chance to advance yourself while connecting with other inspiring women.

Join Us

When: Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time: 2:00 PM to 2:15 PM

URL: https://www.smore.com/br2c2

Learn the Five "S" Principles of Success

  1. Stop making excuses
  2. Shift priorities and duties
  3. Separate your personal time from family time
  4. Set your goals
  5. Structure your support team

About Chandra Deal

Chandra is a single mom of two boys and Owner of Lucid Brand Media. Just like many moms across the country, she has experienced the struggle of raising her children alone on a low income. In the past 10 years of being a mother, she has accomplished a bachelor's degree in Legal Studies from Temple University, and a masters degree in both Entertainment Business and Communications from Full Sail University. She has worked for major companies including Universal Music Publishing Group, The Britto Agency, and BET Networks. Chandra specializes in brand optimization that generates industry visibility and consumer engagement.

Lucid Brand Media was established in 2012, in response to the lack of resources and support existing in the Philadelphia for budding talent. Lucid Brand Media provides branding and marketing for celebrity talent and elites brands. Chandra was responsible for public relations campaigns for national recording artist Kindred the Family Soul and well as NFL athletes Andrew Quarless of the Green Bay Packers and Brandian Ross of the Oakland Raiders. Chandra is well versed in the entertainment industry as she has solid experience in public relations, music management, and entertainment business.

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Lucid Brand Media is a multifaceted public relations and entertainment boutique that provide a multitude of specialized services to optimize brand visibility. Our efforts are driven by passion, managed with partnerships, and inspired by success.

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