Summer Fun: Soak & Run

Vayla's summer program trip to Blue Bayou

Please buy our homemade baked goods, snowballs, and water for Vayla's program so we can go to Blue Bayou. Also contribute to our community car wash and photo booth. You may also donate money to this summer trip instead of contributing to the previous things mentioned.

Bake Sale

Wednesday, July 10th, 9pm

4646 Michoud Boulevard

New Orleans, LA

Baked goods:

Cookies: $1

Brownies: $1

Cupcakes: $2


Small: $1

Medium: $3

Large: $5

Water: $1

Hugs: $1

Photo booth: $6

Car Wash

Friday, July 12th, 9pm

14001 Dwyer Boulevard

New Orleans, LA

Trucks/SUV/Vans: $15

Cars: $10