March 29, 2018

Hi Vanguardians!!

On Tuesday, Apple announced some wonderful new things for education. What struck me most about the Keynote, was the teachers that spoke about the amazing things they are doing in the classroom with their students. I know that could be any one of the AMAZING Vanguard members. This team inspires me every day. Thank you for all you have invested in your students.

This edition of the VanWeekly has some important announcements. Please take the time to read everything and update your calendars with dates. We have some exciting events happening these last two months.

We want to formally welcome Jennifer Beard and Katie Pardee as they join Pam Kelly as leads in the Northwest Learning Community. Both of these ladies have such a passion for Vanguard and are so excited to begin working with the NWLC. Beth & Pam are still your sources of support in the NWLC until Jennifer & Katie have fully transitioned.

Congrats Jennifer and Katie!!

Now, go and enjoy the break! We have all earned it. Maybe, take a little Digital Detox for the week.


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New INFO This Week in the VanWeekly

  • iPad Inventory Audit....................................April 11
  • School Leads Call...........................................April 12
  • Vanguard Twitter Chat................................April 12
  • Vancademy Award Nominations Due......April 16

Vanguard iPad Inventory Audit information

Our iPad Inventory Audit is quickly approaching. Please begin thinking about what items you will be placing in your envelope. We will be picking up your school kit on April 11th beginning at 8:00 AM!

Use the link below to access the iPad Inventory Audit information.

School Lead Call- April 12th

Time: 7:00 PM

Date: April 12th

via FreeConferenceCall

  • dial-in number: (515) 604-9510
  • access code: 744554
Follow the agenda & conversation in Microsoft Teams.

Save the Date: May 3

*points will be awarded for participating in these calls.

#FCSVANGUARD Chat- April 12th

Topic: TDB

Hosted By: NELC Vanguard Member

Remember, all of your tweets need to contain: #fcsvanguard

This Semester we will continue Twitter chats twice a month on Thursday at 7:30 PM.

Dates: Apr. 26, May 3 & 17

Be prepared for the participation link at the VERY END! #VanPoints

Vancademy Award Nominations: Due April 16

The Vancademy Awards will be a time to celebrate the work Vanguard members are doing around the district. We are very excited to have many surprise guests for this event to share in the festivities!

Now is your time to nominate yourself and others! Open the Vancademy Awards Smore in the link below to submit your nominations.

The categories and descriptions are listed below:

School Culture Award: Has your Vanguard Team changed your school culture affecting the building as a whole? (Maybe through communication with parents, interactions with students, etc.) Submit evidence of how you believe your Vanguard has earned the title of School Culture Award.

Student Agency Award: Do you have a group or team of student technology leaders in your building? Are your students demonstrating innovation in technology? Submit evidence of how you believe your students are making a difference at your school in the field of technology.

Technology Master Submission: Submit evidence to support your nomination consideration for technology master that shows best use of technology integration in a unit, project, or lesson that fosters a transformative learning environment.

Vanchise of the Year: Submit evidence of how you believe your Vanchise has earned the title of Vanchise of the Year.

MVP Award: (Nominated by Principal) Most significant impact on school through coaching.

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Previously... In the VanWeekly

  • New Date for the Vancademy Awards...........May 6th
  • Vancademy Showcase Presenter Sign-up .... April 16th
  • 3D Printing Jedi needed

Save the NEW Date! Vancademy Awards May 6th!

Date: May 6th

Where: Johns Creek High School

When: 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Formal Invitation to follow

How have you been a Vanguardian?

Vanguard(n): A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.

Call for Vancademy Showcase Presenters!!

Hopefully the beginning of a Vanguard staple at events, we are putting out an all-call for Vanguard members who are willing to showcase the great work they are doing at their school.

Dynamic Format:

During this fast-paced, high energy, showcase you will have two minutes to share your story. We encourage accompanying AV support, which is encouraged, but not required.

If you are interested in applying, please send in a 30-seconds to a 1-minute video explaining the work you want to showcase. Don't over think it, this is just to let us know what you want to talk about.

Video application Due: April 16th by 6PM


Are you the ObiWan of the 3D Printer world?

Are you someone who is a master of the 3D printer?

Do you have any students up for a design challenge?
Can you help design something with Tinkercad?
Then we need you!

We are interested in having something 3D printed and need your help. We will supply the filament we just need the help designing and printing.
Please reach out to Chanel Johnson

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New Member Corner

New members – this is a friendly reminder that your work is due TOMORROW!

Please make sure you have everything in that you need to have in by the end of the day (11:59pm). If you have extenuating circumstances and cannot make that deadline, please contact me ASAP at

Thanks everyone for your hard work this semester! It’s almost over!

FCS Vanguard Team

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to personalize learning through coaching and instructional technology.

Leadership Team