Villain or Victim?

O'Brien v Winston

Right now, Winston is being held against his will and is being tortured in every possible way imaginable, so clearly he is a victim. He has been beaten and tortured emotionally, but he is still trying "to stay pure". If Winston lives through room 101 and if he is set free, then he will not be the same Winston. The party would not set him free unless he was brainwashed enough to do evil for them. If he was set free, and lost his morals and became a sheep in the herd, then he would become a villain for the party because he would have betrayed what he lived for and what he was willing to die for.

O'Brien is a villain for the party without a doubt. He has not only lost his morals but he is torturing other human beings without remorse to make them give up their morals for the party. Everyone has a choice, no matter how hard that choice is he still has it and O'Brien chose the party.

What is Media?

Media is the one thing that connects people from opposite’s sides of the Earth and it is how a person from one corner of the world knows what is happening in every other corner of the world. Media is the vessel that carries information across oceans and mountain ranges within minutes. The media impacts every day of our lives as it determines what we wear for the day when we check the weather, it informs us of the plans of the President for the near future, and it can even inspire us to help someone in need when we see that there was a devastating tropical storm in the Caribbean. The media connects people and relays information in a number of practical ways, but the social media is also a recently conceived network that connects friends every second of everyday. Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat relay information through posts just like reading an article online. Most teenagers today have access to one of these things so even if teens never watch the news, the media still impacts their lives all the time.

The media is important, but it is useless unless people are media literate, or able to analyze and understand what the media is releasing. It does not matter what information is relayed across the world if the people receiving the information do not know how to interpret the meaning. People who are media literate are better off when trying to understand the complex messages we receive from all types of media and being media literate is just as important as the media itself.

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Reflection 1

I have grown to fully understand everything that is encompassed by the word "media" this year. Before I took this course, I had basically grown to only think of social outlets and the news programs on TV as media, but there is much more. It encompass all forms of news from TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, as well as any form of communication from country to country or from century to century. I also learned about a whole new form of writing that sometimes takes strange twists and turns to make the point it needs to make through satirical writing. I was only able to learn these things because of the way I was taught them. We might have spent a lot of time reading 1984 in class, but it was well worth it to fully understand the writer's purpose, but that was the only book we spent weeks reading. Every other language arts class is just reading, annotating, and analyzing, but not this class. The "Thought Police" activity was a great way to keep the whole class interested in the book and focused on learning. Media Literacy was definitely one of the most enjoyable language classes if taken in my academic career.

Reflection 2

Technology was designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable by connecting us with the world around us 24/7, but you could argue that it might have achieved that goal too well as we are too connected. Every part of our lives is dominated by social media now and it is our own faults for falling under its control without resistance. The dinner table used to be a place to sit down and talk about what happened that day with your family, but now everyone is too busy looking down at their phones to even notice each other. It is crazy to think that one day a family might go an entire day without ever saying a sentence to each other because they already had a conversation over text or social media. We all must make the conscious effort to put down our phones when with friends and family and focus on making real life connections, not just connecting to the nearest wifi. There is definitely a portion of our society that is addicted to social media, but this is an addiction we can get under control. We must all get it under control, and we need to learn to use technology to our advantage to better our society and our world before our addiction drives us to a society where looking down at our phones is more important than the people in front of us.

24 Hours without Social Media

I actually forgot about the experiment as soon as I left class and was not reminded of it until I came to class the next day. However, I thought about the events of the previous day and realized that I had not used social media at all the whole school day without even thinking about it. It was not until I started to get ready to go to sleep did I open up Snapchat to see what everyone had been up to that day. If i tried this experiment again I think it would have been pretty easy as long as I remembered because I don't check social media that often anyway.
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