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Every project for every team this semester is officially in motion and this newsletter puts everything you need to know about them in one place! So what do we have in store?

The "Go Global!" Speaker Series

Our Sixth Intern of the Year

Want to Go Abroad Yourself?

Elections for the LCP of 2016

Sales Blitz Returns (with Prizes!)

Let's get to it!

The Go Global! Speaker Series

Throughout November, the ER team will be inviting our contacts at Deloitte, American Airlines, FareCompare, and more, to share their leadership experiences, international experiences, and career advice!

We'll share what AIESEC is all about and the power it has to build careers and experience the world. OGX members will meet potential EPs. And under the Go Global slogan, we will establish our brand on campus!

Our Sixth Intern of 2015 Arrives

On November 9th, we welcome our SIXTH TN (traineeship) of the year! He is Jose Neto from Brazil, coming to work for Liquid Agents Healthcare as a Software Engineer.

Again, we've raised 10 TN's this year and the standard is only 4, I couldn't be more proud of my Alekhya and Don for making this possible!

Let's give Neto a huge welcome!!

Want To Go Abroad Yourself?

Members are able to go abroad through the same portal as our EP's! The differences are that:

  • You get direct contact with people who know the process front-and-back
  • You'll be some of the first to know when new projects open up
  • Members have a higher chance of being matched with opportunities because of their AIESEC experience

Paid Internships in Romania or Brazil? Discover India, Teach China, Viva Mexico? Chances to travel all over the world?? It all starts by registering on FluidReview right here:


And in case you want to know more about our national projects:


You can also just ask an OGX member!

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Elections for LCP 2016

I have been honored by an amazing team and I am so ready and excited to bring one of them on into this leadership role to be profoundly developed as I was.

The application has been emailed out and the LCP 2016 Election will be held Monday, October 26th during GMM at 7:00 pm (FO 1.502). Be prepared to vote for the next great leader of AIESEC Dallas!

Sales Blitz Returns (with Prizes!)

On October 26th to 30th, BDwill be leading the charge alongside AD and ER to dive into sales and land meetings with new potential corporate partners!

Outgoing Exchange is also boothing and presenting all around to promote exchange and change lives~

Did I mention there's prizes? From cash to nights out on the town, if we reach our goals together, AIESEC Dallas is ready to celebrate with everyone in style. Be at the next GMM to learn more!


Congrats! If you read through this whole thing then you are one dedicated SOB (seriously outstanding being)

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