Jody Christiansen

BA Applied Behavioral Science

A little bit about me...

Hello everyone I am Jody Christiansen, but most call me JoJo. I’m 38 years old and was originally born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. My family and I just recently transitioned out of the military (Army) from Fort Hood, Texas and now I live in Killeen, Texas with my husband of 13 years, our 3 children, my father and our 3 dogs (RayRay, Sammy & Lucian). Being a military wife and mother I have certainly learned patience, to be understanding to others and their needs, to be independent and realize that life is precious and what you make of it. I love music, art, sociology, traveling, psychology and photography, although I’m pretty sure I get on my families nerves taking photos all the time, haha. Upon graduation I plan to work with our military service members struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as this seems to be a nationwide epidemic if you will from improper treatment or it going unnoticed all together. Having military friends that have suffered with it to include my own husband I know how hard it can be on them, their families and friends. I am already starting to network with military and veteran based organizations. I have always been that person someone could go to when they need a friend, someone to talk to, a different perspective or just some good ‘ol tough love and advice. Going back to school whatever your age or situation can be quite overwhelming. Being a mentor allows me to help others, to let them know they are not alone and will have the positive support they want and need. My hope is to build my mentee’s confidence and set them up for success with certain study techniques and time management skills that will help them through school and in life and they have for me. Good luck everyone!