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Welcome to the Team 5 newsletter! We will be sending this out weekly. In here you will find what each core class is doing each week and any other information we really want you all to know. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Alana Bucholtz (WG):

Jeff Storms (LA):

Brittney Littrel (M):

Liza Russell (S):

Cathy Bowen (SPED):

This Week


This week students are doing a math poster gallery walk, a quiz review, and a quiz.

Language Arts

This week students are having a catch up on work day so they can group read later in the week, have a vocabulary day, an independent reading day, possibly an activity exploring prejudice, and a quiz on Friday.


This week students are learning about natural selection, adaptations, and symbiotic relationships.

World Geography

This week students are taking notes on various economy types, learning about types and parts of maps, bias and perspective in maps, a cartographer's challenge activity that is an 80% grade, natural resources, and regions.


Students need to bring a charged computer to class every day. This means computers need to be charged every night. Please help students remember to charge them. Thank you.
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Spanish Translation Phone Line 785-717-4428

The Spanish phone line is 785-717-4428. Please leave a message as the aides might be in a classroom. We promise your call will be returned within 24 hours.

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