CTS Snapshot


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Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. Our time as the Trust torch bearers for #AmbitionForAll has now come to an end. We have shared with you this week the final events that brought this exciting month to a close.


Below are pictures and details of some of the exciting events that have taken place this week.

Student of the Day:

The following students have been nominated this month as part of #AmbitionForAll. Well done to all these students who are fantastic ambassadors for the school.

Monday 1st October - Carmen, Year 9

Tuesday 2nd October - Debony, Year 10

Wednesday 3rd October - Michael, Year 8

Thursday 4th October - Julia, Year 8

Friday 5th October - Ethan, Year 7

Monday 8th October - Nikodem, Year 8

Tuesday 9th October - Logan, Year 9

Wednesday 10th October - Hana, Year 10

Thursday 11th October - Cameron, Year 8

Friday 12th October - Dominika, Year 10

Monday 29th October - Malika, Year 13

Tuesday 30th October - Beth, Year 8

Wednesday 31st October - Theo, Year 7

Stars of the Week:


  • Mr Gourlay has nominated Year 9 student Sonny for his excellent work in Computer Science. He’s showing a superb understanding of the more technical elements of the networks module which is very impressive at Year 9.
  • Miss Connellan has nominated Year 7 student Melissa for excellent ideas and contribution in English.
  • Mr Cox has nominated Year 10 Drama students for great lessons using forum theatre this week.
  • Mr Harley has nominated Year 8 student Brandon A for his resilience in completing his DT store box project and also nominated is Year 7 student Neva for her excellent book work presentation in Design and Technology.
  • Mrs Brown has nominated Year 13 student Kara for a marvellous language investigation coursework piece in English. Also nominated are Year 13 students Jerard and Morgan for a fabulous final draft of their NEA language investigation.
  • Mrs Ferns has nominated Year 9 students Sam and Dominik for producing and teaching an exciting Maths lesson.
  • Mr Lee has nominated Adam in Year 11 for great start with his revision on Hegarty Maths.
  • Mrs Hopkins has nominated Year 11 student Amber for an amazing grade in her History mock examination.
  • Miss Williams has nominated Mollie, Year 8 for great determination and resilience in Rugby this week.

Celebration of Student Work:

Attendance Matters

Every single day a student is absent from school equates to a day lost of learning. At Corby Technical School we pride ourselves in maintaining excellent attendance. Our target is to achieve and maintain a whole school attendance of above 96.5%. We will be giving you weekly updates on our whole school attendance, the tutor group and house who achieved the highest attendance this week.


  • Braiswick Photography will be in school on Friday 9th November for school photographs.