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Scott Staff,

On Tuesday night, I had the privilege of attending the Frisco Education Foundation Scholarship Night. I watched the highlights of the amazing students we have representing our district. I started thinking of the outstanding educators that continue to make an impact daily throughout FISD. In the busy world we live in, it is easy to forget the lasting impact we have on our students and one another. I will be thinking of each of you as I am out this week for Trevor's graduation. Trevor often reminisces about the imprint his favorite, and not so favorite, teachers had on him. Ask yourself, "What kind of impact do you want to be remembered for?"

Research shows that the morale of teachers is a critical factor in student achievement. Teacher morale affects delivery of lessons, effectiveness of pedagogy, leadership, student attitudes, student behavior and emotional development. Young minds are so easily influenced and affected by what they see, hear and learn. As we enter these last few weeks, we must stay focused on creating a positive learning environment and sustaining morale and structure within our classrooms. Encourage and celebrate daily successes with each other and with your students. Stay authentic, purposeful, and engaged. As our students sense the impending change of schedules for summer, you may notice heightened anxiety, behaviors, and emotions. Remember that we are teaching our students the necessary skills that will carry them through their lives. Take care of yourself in the evenings so you can come back these last few weeks and give your students lasting memories of Scott Elementary. This is WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO!

We are on the home stretch, TEAM Scott!

We wish you a relaxing and restful weekend!

Paige and Leanne

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Welcome Duncan Leggieri!

This is Allison's newest addition to her family. She said she totally understands Tissues and Tears for Kinder parents now!
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Welcome back Mrs. Peterson!!

We missed you and your students missed you!

Staff Members Moving on...

One of the hardest things about our daily work is saying goodbye to those that have impacted our lives in one way or another. It is with gratitude and best wishes that we say goodbye to the following staff members:

Melissa Matthews is moving on to be a diagnostician! Congrats!

Kristin Buholtz is moving to Prosper to continue her teaching career!

Cindy Sutterfield is moving to the business world!

Carissa Watts, long term sub for Mrs. Peterson, has been hired to teach 1st grade at Miller Elementary!

We are so excited for all of you and your new endeavors!

You will all be missed!

Welcoming Our New Staff...

Please reach out to the following new staff members for 2016-2017.

Let them know who we are...

Join us in welcoming Gabby, our new head custodian! Our building is beginning to sparkle!

*Ibariweni Angaye - Health and Wellness Instructor @

*Lauren Tilley - 5th grade @

*Dani Glazer-3rd grade @

*Blakley Bell-2nd grade @

Upcoming Events & Dates

We have lots of things on the horizon at Scott - mark your calendars!
  • Friday, May 20 - Field Day
  • Friday, May 27 - No School
  • Monday, May 30 - School Holiday (YAY!)
  • Friday, June 3 - EOY Parties
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