Mary Carr Greer Art Classroom, ACPS

with Anita Nixon

Mary Carr Greer Elementary

Located in an urban setting near Albemarle High School and Jouett Middle School, Greer is home to a diverse student body that includes children from more than 30 countries and over 20 different languages. Greer serves 572 students in grades pre-k through fifth. Our exceptional teaching staff believes in educating the whole child. Our staff motto is "We are Crew,"

Greer's Art Program Philosophy

Because we serve such a diverse family of students and our committment to catering to the whole child, the Art Program focuses on developing artistic talents with its students with a focus on diversity. Our artwork explores the world and all of its diverse and rich cultural history through the arts. We strive for excellence in all that we do and have fun doing it. In our Greer Art classroom, we focus on developing the habits of mind that foster not just young students as artists, but artists as learners ready for the world that is to come.

In addition, Virginia Art Standards of Learning are combined when possible with grade level SOL's to create lessons. The art program helps students build another level of understanding that relates to their grade level curriculum.

The art classes will also help students tap into their creativity and learn how to be great problem solvers. Thanks! See you in the art room.

Anita Nixon