Specialty hospital

Brian Perez

Specialty hospital

The specialty hospital is focused on cardiovascular disease, circulatory disorders, infectious diseases, neurological diseases, Renal disease, and respiratory health.


Intense focus on high-quality results creates a challenging but extremely rewarding environment. We are incredibly proud of our employees and the expertise they bring to Select Medical. They are leaders, team builders and problem solvers. No matter the role - compassionate clinician, dedicated support staff, experienced business leader – they all have a passion for excellence. A passion that is evident in the amazing work they do every day.


Medicare claims data for each hospital were analyzed in order to determine whether the services were provided. Attachment A details the specific diagnosis related groups (DRGs) that were used to identify cardiovascular and orthopedic services. Hospitals with ten or fewer specialty admissions were assumed to not provide the service on a regular basis.

Three specialty hospital in north Carolina

  • The first one is in Charlotte
  • The second one is in Greensboro the most popular
  • There is also one in Raleigh it is the most busy one because people think that it is the best on