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January 19, 2015

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Here are our top sentences from our reading during our data dig Thursday:

· The value of trying new teaching methods outweighs the risk of making a mistake.

· They didn’t believe that a perfect, error-free lesson defined them as a good teacher.

· But she remembered growth mindset thinking and set small, measurable targets.

· “But in a growth mindset, those students are challenges,” she says; “they’re opportunities to hone your skills, increase your understanding, and become a better teacher.” Growth mindset teachers believe, “Every student has something to teach me” and some even tell their students, “Every time you make a mistake, become confused, or struggle, you make me a better teacher.”

· “Research has shown that it’s never too late to develop a growth mindset about your abilities.”

· “You recognize that the growth of your skills is in your hands, and you choose to make that happen.”

Redistricting Faculty Meeting 1/28/15

Our HR representative, Kim McDermon, has scheduled a faculty meeting for Wednesday, January 28th @ 3:15 PM. She will provide us with information regarding the impact of redistricting and the opening of the new schools. This information will impact all faculty so please plan on being in attendance. We will meet in the cafe.

Jump Start Parent Sessions

Wow! What a success! Thank you to Mrs. Cross for organizing an outstanding student/parent event! I would like to thank everyone who supported this event by volunteering to assist with presentations and child care. Thank you, Mrs. Park, Ms. Hansford, Ms. Maselli, Mrs. Bronkemma, Ms. Stepp, Ms. Meyer, Mrs. Perkins, Ms. Dunkers, Mrs. Stephens, Dr. Myers, Mr. Kasler, Mr. Knight, Mrs. Pristupa, Mrs. McNally, Mrs. Adams, Ms., Wilson, Mrs. Buford, Mrs. Keag, Mrs. Valdes, Mrs. Wentlent, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Ashimi, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Milburn, Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Girard, and Mrs. Collins.

If I missed recognizing you, please let me know.

Benefield Singers & Gwinnett Gladiators raise $1,019!

Congratulations to our Benefield Singers! Ms. Cash and Ms. Kingston were presented with a check for the BES Singers this week. Read more about it by following this link:

Mother Son Dance

Mrs. Bronkemma is organizing a Mother Son Dance on Friday, February 13, 2015. She is seeking volunteers to support this event. Please use the link below to support this event.

Data Dig

I enjoyed our time together discussing growth mindsets and looking at our performance data on the midyear DDAs. Please continue the work at your next grade level meeting or collaborative planning session to review math standards.

All handouts and data have been loaded into the Benefield Community. The folder is called RBES & Chalk Talk documents.

RBES Chalk Talks

Each grade level received chart paper to prepare their data sheet prior to the chalk talk. The ILT members and Coaches will facilitate your discussion. Mr. Kasler, Mr. Knight, and Mrs. Stephens will participate in the chalk talks with you.

The blue folder you received during our data dig contains four charts to be included in your data sheet. Each teacher will need to update their RBES data chart that was submitted with the initial RBES (documents are in the communities). This chart will be included on your data chart.

Your midyear RBES update will be due one week following your chalk talk.

Fourth Grade: Tuesday, Jan. 20th @ 3:15 PM

Kinder: Tuesday, Jan. 20th @ 4:00 PM

Third Grade: Tuesday, Jan. 27th @ 3:15 PM

First Grade: Tuesday, Jan. 27th @ 4:00 PM

Fifth Grade: Tuesday, Feb. 10th @ 3:15 PM

Second Grade: Tuesday, Feb. 10th @ 4:00 PM

Non-Spanish Translators 2/18 & 2/19

Dr. Myers & Mrs. McNally have scheduled translators for languages other than Spanish on 2/18 & 2/19. We have scheduled the stellar substitute to cover your class during your scheduled conference time. Please confirm with your families their attendance at these conferences. It is imperative to follow up with Mrs. McNally if your parent cannot attend.

Spanish Translators 2/18 - 2/27

Due to the high demand of Spanish translators, Mrs. McNally and Mrs. Torres are offering conferences during your planning and after school beginning 2/18/15. We have four translators scheduled to support early release conferences.

Due to limited availability, please do not schedule a conference that is not confirmed. Please use this link to sign up for a Spanish translator.

Junior Achievement

Are you ready for your volunteers?

Chik Fil A Volunteers

We have four more Chik Fil A spirit nights. If you would like to donate 30 minutes of your time, please use the link below to sign up. All dates for the spring are available. Thanks!

Staff update

Welcome to our LSTC, Shavaun Mincey. Mrs. Nikki Wiedemann has decided to take a year of leave to stay home with her newborn baby. Mr. Daniel Williams will be joining the fourth grade team full time as a teacher. As Mr. Williams transitions from stellar sub to teacher, Ms. Samantha Massey will join our team as the stellar substitute. Ms. Massey's first role will be as a second grade teacher during Mrs. Dean's maternity leave. Please welcome our new team members!

Parent Luncheons 2/17 & 2/18

Our parent luncheons will be held on Tuesday, February 17th & Wednesday, February 18th. Each teacher received a manilla envelope with their name. Please enclose any advance ticket sales/money you receive from students in the envelope. Please turn in the envelope daily to Ms. Nancy Condon in the cafe.

We will offer parent workshops prior to and after the lunch schedule. Parents will also have an opportunity to complete a climate survey from the state of Georgia. Parents will arrive in the front foyer and move to the cafe area.

Please remember to travel down the backstairs and the hallway with Dr. Patel's class. This will help with our traffic flow. Please remember we have an altered lunch schedule and dress professional on these days (no jean coupons).

eClass C&I Pages

Are you students logging in daily? Are they completing assignments online? Please work with your team to post news and assignments for students.

Young Authors

All grade levels and classes will participate in the Young Authors Writing Competition. Submissions are due to Ms. Stocks by Friday, January 30th. Check your box for more information.

Data Walls

Have you celebrated your students by moving up their reading and exemplar levels on the data wall in the front office? We would love to see your class celebrate.

Please move all your sticky notes/data points by January 23rd.

Principal Internship

As part of Mrs. Keag's internship, she will be serving in the role of principal for approximately a two week period. During this time, she will be leading with my support. We have tentatively set the dates for February 19th - March 6th.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Monday, 1/19: Martin Luther King Holiday (no school)

Tuesday, 1/20: HOST Sessions this week during planning, ACCESS testing window opens, Chalk Talk 4th @ 3:15 & Kinder @ 4:00

Wednesday, 1/21: Valic School visit, Lego Club

Thursday, 1/22: Book Fair Opens

Friday, 1/23: 4th Grade Beacons on BNN

Saturday, 1/24: ACT for Duke TIP Students

Monday, 1/26: ILT @ 3:15 PM, Peer Leaders

Tuesday, 1/27: Chalk Talk 3rd @ 3:15 & 1st @ 4:00

Wednesday, 1/28: No Jean Coupon Day, Coaches' Chalk Talk @ 11:15, Vision Visitors 1st Grade, Redistricting Meeting @ 3:15 in cafe

Thursday, 1/29: Local School Council @ 7:30 AM, Benefield Singers Field Trip, Chik Fil A Spirit Night

Friday, 1/30: Young Author's Submissions due to Ms. Stocks, Dental Van, RFL Jersey Day, Picture with the Principal and Duck Distribution

Happy Birthday!

Patty Hugghins, Jan. 22nd

Marcella Kent, Jan. 29th