Political Cartoons

Amanda Ball, Cassie McGraw 4A

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"It's alright to seat them. They're not Americans." 1961

Subject: Racism in the South.

Context: In Block's political cartoon, two dark skinned foreign diplomats are waiting to be seated in a southern restaurant. These diplomats are treated with respect simply because they are foreigners, while black Americans are treated horribly in the same area.


Irony- People of the same race are being treated completely differently based on nationality and status.

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"For long-lasting deep-down comfort smoke Carcinos, with the special filter made from a rabbit's foot" 1967

Subject: The danger of smoking

Context: After spending six weeks in the hospital due to a heart attack, Block decides to quit his multi-pack-a-day smoking habit because he realizes just how damaging smoking is to your body. After quitting, Block draws this comic in order to express just how dangerous smoking really is and how cigarette companies lie about these dangers in order to make a profit.


Symbolism- The bill board is located in a graveyard, symbolizing the risk of death caused by smoking cigarettes.

Exaggeration- The fact that the ad is placed in a graveyard is exaggerating the effects of smoking because just because you smoke doesn't necessarily mean that you will die.

Irony- Block uses irony in the sign by saying cigarettes supply "long-lasting, deep-down comfort", which can be taken as a pun (referring to being buried after death from smoking) or as a literal statement saying that smoking is wonderful and makes you feel fabulous.

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"Sending Forth Another Dove" 1941

Subject: False peace proposed by the Axis Powers to the United States.

Context: In the midst of World War II, the Axis Powers attempted to win over the support of the United States in order to gain a new ally and the benefits that come with, such as land, military power, and supplies.


Symbolism- The dove is dead, symbolizing the false pretenses behind the peace offered by the Axis.

Labeling- The canon is labeled "Axis 'peace' offensive". The peace is written in quotations in order to, again, show that the peace is not genuine.

Irony- The peace is not legitimate.