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Advice Column

Abigail Ada

I have been having feelings for this guy, Sam, I like him at times but.......I don't know if he feels the same way about me. I am quite weird and I have a dragon tattoo all the way down my left side. I don't know how to confront him about it do you have any advice?

~Girl With The Dragon Tattoo(Vienna)

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sometimes we might like someone that doesn't like us back or maybe does, but if someone doesn't know how the other person feels they probably just assume that they don't. They just think oh well I have a big tattoo they don't like me, here's the thing if you don't confront them and ask how they feel you'll never know. My advice is that you tell him how you feel and ask if he feels the same way. Good luck to you I hope that you find a happy ending.

~Abigail Ada

News for New Movie Brain Jack!

Do you like action packed technology movies? If so Brain Jack based on the book by Brian Falkner is a must see movie! 18 year old Sam Wilson's life is turned upside down when he gets recruited for CDD, Cyber Defense Division as a hacker that takes prevents other hackers from taking over the world. This totally action-packed movie will keep you squirming in your seat with excitement to see if Sam can save the world.

"You may be able to implant an image, even a taste or a smell, but I don't think you can implant the feelings that went with the experience that created the memory." ~Vienna

Trip to Spain Without Moving From the Couch

New York resident Ava Carter saw every tourist attraction in Spain without moving from her couch! Carter says since he got her new neuro headset traveling has been so much easier and less taxing. Neuro headsets are taking over this world this isn't the first report of couch traveling, there have been countless other reports of people seeing places halfway across the world with out leaving there home. Keep up with the newspaper for new stories each week.
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Hackers Wanted!

Do you have secret hacking skills? Well if you do CDD(Cyber Defense Division) are looking for hackers to take a test to see if you can get in to the world's most top secret unsolved files. If you can get in you are automatically in CDD, be warned if you get caught trying to get in...........CDD is not responsible. Enter at own risk.
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