Royal Proclamation Of 1763

What I Know About It

Introduction This Is It

This is a 5 paragraph essay on The Royal Proclamation Of 1763 and the economic systems. This is how it started, between 1754 and 1763, Great Britain, France, and a collection of French-allied Native American tribes fought a brutal war over trading rights in colonial North America. This war, generally called the “French and Indian War,” or “The Seven Years’ War,” resulted in a British victory and a large acquisition of French territory across the eastern half of North America. So, faced with the task of how colonists would settle all of this land, King George III issued a Royal Proclamation in 1763 which attempted to reorganize the boundaries of colonial America, as well as the lives of its inhabitants.

This Is The Royal Proclamation Of 1763

This is a primary document that sets out guidelines for Virginia and the soldiers during that time period. This document is also very special to the king himself. This document talks about 3 main objectives. 1. Land to the soildiers 2. Claim British territory 3. The natives can keep land but not expand. This document really helped the people understand that the natives are their allys and that is how it is going to be.

Are Those Economic Systems

Largest economic systems you would see back then would be production of goods like tabbaco and the distribution of tabbaco and other goods. As you can see tabbaco was a very big product back then and was found everywhere. All of the economic systems were still big but those were the largest. They were also found way in the west.

The TRUE Impact On The Economic Systems

This really impacted the production of tabacco because if the soldiers get land and the natives keep theirs there there is double the amount of tabbaco produced. Which would help impact other systems like trading and distribution of tabbaco. The trading isn't a hard process but it takes a long time to get done. Distributing throughout the stores isn't hard either but it kinda takes a long time too. The House Of Burgesses are the people that helped all of this happen and go on. The help distribute and they even helped make the Royal Proclamation Of 1763.

Thats A Wrap (Conclusion)

That is how The Royal Proclamation 1763 impacted and started