Industrial Revolution Project

Mechanical Reaper: Joey Rellinger

Who is the inventor?

Cyrus Hall McCormick. No second inventor other than his dad who tried to build one and failed, which inspired Cyrus.

How does the invention work?

A reaper cuts grain. McCormick made a reaper with reciprocating cutting blades that cut up standing grain and divided up the cut grain. A revolving reel then tossed the grain into the back of the reaper for farmers to grab from there.

What is the purpose of the invention?

The purpose of the invention was to save time and energy of farmers by rotating a reel that tossed the grain into the rear of the reaper so it could later be collected.

Where did the invention occur?

Rockbridge County, Virginia.

When did the invention occur?

His reaper was patented in 1834.

Why was there a need for this invention?

Slaves and farmers could only harvest a maximum of 2-3 acres a day by hand/tool. With the new reaper they can harvest up to 10 acres a day.

Why is the invention important in history?

This is important in history because he began selling them to farmers all over the US and this increased production for all those farmers which brought more grain all across America, selling it for cheaper. He moved the company to Chicago and a major railway was built and increased trade between states.


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