1930's Baseball

Camryn Lewandowski 8th Period

Whats happening in the 1930's?!

In the 1930's a tariff was passed called The Hawley-smoot Tariff. That made taxes on farm objects and products and industrial rates increase. Other economic causes came into hand of citizens in the 1930's , when The Great Depression was going on. The government controlled the bank work and other business enterprises too frequently making the economy slow down terribly. Many people like Thornton Wilder changed these false actions of how the world should work into talents. These authors would make books and novels about The Great Depression and use metaphors and similies as the titles like "The Grapes of Wrath".

1930's Baseball


- The New York Giants made a first remark on Baseball history in the 1930's when thier all star pitcher set an unwanted modern Major League record. Also leaving the stadium with running 6 seperate home-runs at this game. The New York Giants went long and strong for many many years and still are being one of the lead Baseball Teams in the world!!


- The New York Yankees finished 3rd place over all in the American League in the 1930's winning back to back games but not exactly getting to the top where they strived to be! The did have a plus reguard of having Babe Ruth on their team, signing a two-year contract for 160,000 dollars!! Him and Joe Cronin were the two most outstanding players! Or should i say MVP's in Baseball.

Many teams were involved with Baseball, but these two teams were the most recognized out of all of them! These two teams in fact are still the main teams that are well known!!

Important People in The 1930's Baseball!

Baseball was full of very fasinating people in the 1930's, but some are ones that we still know today. Making a mark in the Baseball history books!!

A player names Al Simmons won the American League Batting Award in the 1930's , and also won it in 1931 too for the second time! He was the 13th best player!

Chuck Klien made 158 home-runs in 1930, making a forever record for 1930's Baseball.

Bill Terry led the American League with a batting rate of not even taking a full second before that baseball was out of the park! Batting with the real rate of .401 second average, which was hard for any baseball player to beat!!

A man Lefty Grove won his team 30 games and only loosing 6 out of the whole season bringing his team to a good victory!!

Joe Cronin was the man of short-stop! He ran 127 home-runs and was known as one of the best short-stops out there! His personality didnt put him in the best leader side but he was still strong in what he was good at!!