Death Notices!

Bess and the Highwayman... Dead!

How They Were Killed.

When the Redcoats came and tied up Bess, the Redcoats put a gun by Bess. She managed to touch the trigger with her finger. When she heard her love, the highwayman, riding back like he promised, she shot and killed herself to warn the highwayman to not come, but to leave. the highwayman left not knowing that Bess was killed. The highwayman rode back with his sword out to avenge Bess' death and was shot down and killed by the Redcoats

About Bess

Bess had long black hair that she braided. She also had dark brown eyes. Bess was very courageous because she killed herself for the highwayman. She also has perseverance because she had bloody wrists, yet she still got her finger on the gun's trigger. Tim and the landlord now grieve over her tragic death

About The Highwayman

The highwayman had a French-cocked hat on his head and he wore boots up to his thighs. he was courageous because he rode back after he heard of Bess' death to avenge her. He was also sneaky because he was able to rob carriages without getting caught. His horse and the landlord grieve for him.