Steroid Use

Don't do steroids work on your pectoids

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Why to not take steroids.

Anti steroid use is one of our worldwide problems, and it is a addictive dangerous drug to take. The main causes of steroid use, is because a person needs to maintain a certain weight or desires rapid muscle gain, the main users are athletes, teens, and gymjunkies. One way we can stop this addictive drug is to remind people how it can affect your body and how it can destroy your body bit by bit. Steroids are mainly used with men, and young men, the website bodysense says ‘’the effects for men is, testicular shrink, less sperm, hair loss, and breast enlargement. Another website called above the influence says that ‘’steroids used by a girl can cause a girl to become a guy, because steroids have a man hormone which if it goes into a female she is going through a teenage boys puberty, the effects of taking steroids for a women is hair loss, voice deepening, and loss of a period. Mostly addiction happens because either someone wants to be on the top, or to fit in the crowd easily. One way to stop addiction is to remind what it can do and how powerful it can impact you and your life. Another way is to talk to your family and spend time with someone but yourself because studies show that its better to have someone or something with you than being alone. Lastly keep your body and your muscles clean by working out the right way and keep your body in good shape. But when the choice comes to you its your choice if you want to go down that road.

Positive Plan

Don’t take steroids take care of your body and treat it like you would treat yourself. We can all make a change in life, now lets change yours don't take steroids for muscles. You can make a change by starting now be drug free and keep your body clean.

Negative Plan

Don't end up like Brian Cuban a former steroid user who lost function due to his leg because of steroids. Put the needle and the pills all it can take is one pill and you're done. Dont do steroids every year young girls and boys take the pills and are diagnosed with cancer don't be like that, don't be the one who ends your own life.