Terry Fox

Terry Fox's Background and what he want to do

Terry Fox was only 18 years old. He was diagnosed with bone cancer and he lose his right leg. He is very young so he want to do something to help the other disabled person. He have a dream he want raising dollar and he use the money to help the other person. So he want to run across the Canada to raising money to set up a foundation. The foundation will help all the people with disabilities. It's very hard for him, Because he only have one leg. There're sown, rain , high wing to make he run difficulty. His friend and families are very worry about him, so they want go with he.
Terry Fox

-------------------He is perseverance---------------------


He is perseverance. He run every day, although he have only own leg, and there're a lot of bad weather. But he still running. And than he use the money he raise to help the other disabled person.


His disease was exacerbation. Cancer spread to the lungs to expand, his doctor say he can't run any more. No long after he was dead. After his death his money helped many people with disabilities.He is the hero in Canada.

---------------------Memorial Terry fox----------------------

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