Bed Crib Saftey

Bed Saftey

Parents Should Take Bed Safety Very Serious Anything Could Happen To Your Child While He/She Is Sleeping.


To Prevent Babies From Suffocating Dont Place Big Pillows,Stuffed Animals.Make Sure The Baby On Laid Flat On There Back And Be Very Careful Of (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.Its Between The Ages Of 1 Month And 1 Year. Make Sure There Are No Gaps Between The Mattress And The Crib,The Mattress Must Be Firm And Fit Perfectly Make Sure The Shats Are Where The Baby Cannot Slip Its Head Through.Never Place A Crib Near Windows With Blind Curtain Cords Or Baby Monitor Cords To Prevent Them From Strangling.


Ask Questions?

When You Go To Your Family Doctor Ask Questions,Ask If Your Babies Crib Requirements Are Met Or Do You Need To Improve.