Apollo For King Of The Gods!

God of music, truth, healing, sunlight, and poetry!

Why should I vote for Apollo as King of the Gods on Mount Olympus?

You should vote for Apollo as King because he is the god of truth. You don't want your leader to lie to you. He is a fearsome warrior who fought when necessary. He represents the good-hearted and handsome youth of the Greeks. Apollo healed the sick and spread happiness. Wouldn't you want your King to spread happiness?

God of Prophecy

Apollo was also god of prophecy; which meant he had the ability to foretell the future. That's another good reason he should be King because he could stop bad things before it even happens!


Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto (not Hera). He is a twin brother of Artemis. Like his sister, he likes hunting with bows and arrows.


VOTE FOR APOLLO! He is honest, handsome, and good hearted. You want a King who will speak the truth!

Apollo for King!